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S.I.S. Supply Install Services installs North Star premium windows in Calgary and surrounding communities.

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Windows Installation In Calgary

At S.I.S., we work with the most trusted materials when installing windows all across Calgary and surrounding communities (including Airdrie, Cochrane, Strathmore, Bragg Creek, Millarville, Okotoks and High River areas). As well as numerous residential window installations, we have renovated many of Calgary's condominium and high rises including numerous Calgary Housing Company projects. No matter how big or small the job, we can provide top quality consulting, products and service.

S.I.S. offers a wide range of replacement windows for your home, including North star, PVC windows and an aluminum-vinyl hybrid windows.  In addition, we only use window materials and brands that meet the Energy Star standards for energy efficiency and conservation. Thanks to the trusted manufacturers like North Star that we partner with, and the high-performance materials that we use, we are confident that all of our Calgary window installations meet the green standards that today's home owners demand.

S.I.S. Window Replacement Process

  1. Once you have inquired about our services by telephone or online, our Reno Consultant will arrange to meet you in person either at your home (for a free in home estimate)  and then at the S.I.S. showroom     if so desired.

  2. Once you have discussed your vision, needs and budgetary considerations with us, a proposal is drawn  up for  your review.  

  3. All aspects of your project are then agreed upon and a detailed contract is then written up and documented.   

  4. Your windows are then re-measured by one of our professional installation crews after which your custom windows are ordered from the factory.  

  5. Once your windows are ready for installation, our Job Coordinator will contact you to arrange an installation date.

  6. Warranty certificates are mailed out to you once your project is 100% completed to your satisfaction.

Window Options

We consider North Star brand windows, manufactured in Canada, to be the best window on the market today.  S.I.S has been installing these premium vinyl replacement windows and aluminum-vinyl hybrid windows in Calgary homes since 2007.  North Star's manufacturing system ensures that all vinyl windows are built to meet or exceed industry standards including being certified by Energy Star, Window Wise and the American Architectural Manufacturers Association as well as being NAFS (North American Fenestration Standard) and CSA certified.

These replacement windows are available in numerous different styles and shapes, which can be configured into hundreds of different combinations.  We carry the following types of low maintenance/maintenance free North Star windows for you to choose from:

  • The Vinyl - NS 1000 Series:  Our most popular window, the 1000 series with its 3 1/4" frame, is well suited to most applications.  Energy efficient and durable, this window is available in a casement, awning, single-hung, double-hung, single-slider, double-slider and custom shape.

    Exterior Window Colours available:  Also available in this Calgary windows series are seven exterior laminated colours (other than white): Hickory, Ivory (as pictured above), Chestnut brown, Sable, Espresso, Cocoa, Sandalwood. These UV-resistant vinyl overlays have an embossed wood grain texture and come with a twenty year warranty on the laminated colour finish.

    Interior Window Colurs available:  This window series comes in four interior finishes: White PVC, a Stainable/Paintable wood overlay (to match pre-existing wood stains), Kolonial Oak acrylic overlay - virtually indistinguishable from real wood and Espresso.  

  • The Aluminum / Vinyl Hybrid series: Architecturally inspired, the hybrid window offers the benefits of both the aluminum window and the all vinyl window in one innovative window system.  This durable design unites the clean lines of an aluminum exterior with the easy maintenance and energy efficiency of a vinyl interior.  Exterior aluminum colours available are: White, Tan Sand, Slate, Charcoal and Black. Interior window colour is available in white PVC with a vinyl window jamb.

  • The All Vinyl - NS 4000/5000 Series:  Available in two widths, our 4 1/2" and 5 1/2" full frame window, positions the insulated glass unit on the warm side of the building envelope, for reduced condensation and greater comfort.  Available in a casement, awning single hung, single-slider, and custom shape.  The all vinyl 4000/5000 series is only available in white for both interior and exterior surfaces.

In addition to the above options, S.I.S. offers a wide selection of wood or vinyl jamb extensions; three grille profiles including square, flat and contoured (and which are available in white, pewter, brass and colours that are made to match the interior and exterior window laminated colour finishes) and brickmoulds.  Also available are various glazing options, including energy efficient Low-E glass that reduces the amount of heat lost, Argon and Krypton gas filled sealed units, Bronze and gray-tint glass, Obscure glass, Tempered Glass and Triple Glazing.

Glass Sealed Unit Technology

North Star Windows utilize the exceptional Super Spacer® Technology in their sealed units (glass panes within the window frame).  The Super Spacer® system does the following:

  • Resists and virtually eliminates condensation which can lead to mould growth and has been linked to allergies, asthma and respiratory illness.

  • Boosts R-values by helping to block heat outside or inside heat from passing through the window system - saving you money in heating and cooling costs.

  • Reduces noise - closed-cell polymer foam in SuperSpacer® transmits very little sound compared to conventional metal spacers.

Window Warranties

North Star Windows offer the following warranties on their replacement windows:

  • Lifetime Warranty on White Window and Patio Door Frames and Sashes

  • 20 Year Warranty on Interior and Exterior Coloured Laminates

  • 20 Year Warranty on Aluminum-Clad Window Frames and Sashes

  • Lifetime Warranty on the insulated glass sealed units

  • Lifetime Warranty on window hardware

The Window Wise Program: Further Warranties for your replacement windows

S.I.S.  is a member of the Window Wise Program.  This is a quality assurance program designed to give you, the homeowner, peace of mind that their windows manufacturer, and the trades people that are installing them, are of the highest quality.  The Window Wise program includes an approved window manufacturing process and end product, certified contractors (like S.I.S.) that are trained in the window wise installation methods, random job inspections and then a quality assurance third party five year workmanship guarantee.

Feel free to discuss with our S.I.S. Reno Consultants all of the available options for your specific situation and know that when it comes to exterior renovations, we are Calgary’s Exterior Renovation Specialists. Our top priority is ensuring that you, our customer, are fully satisfied.



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