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Stone Siding In Calgary

There are various types of stone products that are available for your project.

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Stone Siding for Your Calgary Home

Calgary homeowners choose to add stone when renovating as stone adds a unique accent and visual appeal as well as an air of sophistication.  Our Reno Consultants have the experience and knowledge to assist you in choosing a stone product that is right for the architectural style of your home as well as taking into consideration the stone most suited for your home's particular application.  Stone adds value as well as a look of timeless beauty and can be incorporated into the vision and plan that you have for your home's exterior renovation.

Cultured Stone in Calgary

Cultured stone, also referred to as artificial or cast stone, is a concrete masonry product that is manufactured  and made to replicate the look and feel of natural stone.  It is cast in moulds, coloured with iron oxide pigments and is the most popular choice for homeowners in Calgary. It is available in a large variety of colours, profiles, and sizes and some of our suppliers offer a lifetime warranty on their products.  Ask your S.I.S. Reno Consultant for details.

Natural Stone in Calgary

Natural stone is available in an endless variety of textures, profiles, sizes and colour.  There is an appeal and affinity to the earthiness of natural stone that cannot necessarily be achieved with cultured stone.  Natural stone is available in a beautiful spectrum of colours from tans and beiges (colours intrinsic to the Calgary area), to rich browns, grays and multi-colours.  Natural stone has a varied appearance and can be complementary to any architectural style whether it be rustic, contemporary or formal.

Natural stone veneer is both a protective and decorative covering for the exterior of your Calgary home.  The stone veneer is typically 1-1/2 inches thick and on average is about 15 pounds per square foot, which allows it to be installed without any additional support.  Most natural stone installed on homes in Calgary is of a veneer type as such uses approximately 70 – 80% less material then full bed depth masonry thereby reducing the impact on our natural resources including the amount of fuel consumed during shipping. Natural stone is also superior in withstanding the effects of the sun, water and normal wear and tear.



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Stone Siding In Calgary