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S.I.S. is a "participating contractor" in Energy Efficiency Alberta's Home Improvement Rebate Program!

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Energy Efficiency Alberta's Home Improvement Rebate Program

Hire us to install eligible Windows and/or Insulation and receive rebates that make the upgrade more affordable to you! We'll work with you to plan your renovations, tell you how much you'll receive back in rebates, and even submit the paperwork to the government.  Energy Efficiency Alberta will mail the cheque directly to you!

Contact us for an appointment at 403-640-1334 or visit our contact page, scroll down to the bottom and fill in your telephone number and/or e-mail address and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Energy Efficient windows keep your house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  And in addition to making you more comfortable in your home, they save you money!    


Quality Calgary Vinyl Windows

S.I.S. Calgary vinyl windows products are available in a broad range of styles, combinations and options to meet your tastes and requirements. Our Calgary windows products are available in various colours and come with a wide selection of jamb extensions, grilles, brick molds and glazing options for you to choose from. S.I.S provides free in-home window installation estimates for your convenience. 

Besides carrying a premium quality Calgary vinyl windows product, S.I.S. also carries a Vinyl/Aluminum hybrid product and an Aluminum Clad Wood window product for ease of installation, operation, and maintenance.  These replacement windows are available in numerous different styles and shapes, which can be configured into hundreds of different window combinations.


Aluminum clad wood windows are traditionally known for requiring little external maintenance while instantly establishing a particular style. Vinyl replacement windows, on the other hand, tend to out-perform wood and Aluminum clad wood windows in several ways, such as being highly weather, rot, impact, fire, and corrosion resistant. They also tend to insulate well against noise, ideal for a city like Calgary.

Our most popular vinyl windows have an exciting feature available for Calgarians that want window replacements.  We offer seven exterior laminated colours including White, Hickory, Chestnut Brown, Sable, Espresso, Cocoa and Sandalwood as well as three interior finishes of White PVC, Kolonial Oak and a Stainable/Paintable wood overlay to match pre-existing stains.  This means that you can have the exterior colour of your windows either match or contrast your siding or stucco colour, depending on your personal taste.


As Calgary's Exterior Renovation Specialist, S.I.S. is a leader in the installation and maintenance of a variety of Calgary windows products. We tailor our high-quality wood, hybrid and vinyl windows to your specific needs, style, and budget. Our exterior renovation packages can be customized to help modernize your home to be more energy efficient, visually stunning, and secure.  As well as numerous residential projects in Calgary, we have also replaced and renovated the windows of many commercial and condominium projects.


Stand out with a stylish new look, upgrade to a more energy efficient option or recreate the authentic look of an old window. Whatever your reasons, when you are ready for replacement windows choose the ultimate in performance and luxury – choose windows from S.I.S. Our custom, top-of-the-line windows provide great looks that last. With styles and options to meet the demands of even the most discriminating homeowner and with the performance to match, our windows are truly a replacement window for a lifetime of luxury.

S.I.S. Supply Install Services is a locally owned and operated business with a history of successful results. Founded in 1991, S.I.S. has built its reputation on customer satisfaction and quality workmanship. Following an initial consultation, an S.I.S. product specialist will visit your home to review your plans and answer questions free of charge. After the consultation, S.I.S. will prepare a written estimate and scope for your review as well as listing color and finish options and pricing levels to satisfy a range of budgets. Call us today to book your free in-home estimate!