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Easy Trim Calgary

S.I.S. offers the very best in Easy Trim options for your Calgary home.

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EasyTrim Reveals panel trim with James Hardie Panels

If you are looking to refinish the exterior of your Calgary home with a contemporary look, consider the EasyTrim option.  EasyTrim Reveals panel trims can be combined with the sleek and smooth James Hardie fiber cement panels (or HardiePanel®) to create a low-cost grid pattern on the exterior walls of your home.

EasyTrims Reveals panel trims are 100% anodized aluminum, contain up to 25% recycled material and are 100% recyclable.  The trims can be used as the signature element or your building's exterior to create architectural lines and patterns that are bold, subtle or elegant. This system also protects your fiber cement panels while allowing them to self-shed rain and moisture so caulk isn't required, ever.  The system is engineered for outdoor use with water management being built into each individual profile offered.

A house with the EasyTrim Reveals panel trims and HardiePanel will ensure a low maintenance exterior, with huge curb appeal and differentiation from the crowd.


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