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Soffit / Fascia / Eavestrough In Calgary

S.I.S. offers the very best in Soffit, Fascia, and Eavestrough solutions for your home.

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Soffit, Fascia and Eaves Trough

The soffit, fascia and eaves trough are part of the roof of your home but are commonly replaced and updated when replacing the siding of your home.  On older homes, the soffit and fascia were wooden and had to be scraped and painted (sometimes every few years - especially if the fascia was facing the sun all day and if painted a darker colour).  In Calgary and surrounding communities, we replace the soffit and fascia with maintenance free aluminum materials for the following reasons:

  • they will never have to be painted and they will not rot, chip or crack

  • aluminum is non-combustible, in case of fire

  • aluminum is easy to keep clean and does not attract dirt


The soffit is the exposed surface beneath the overhanging section of a roof eave.  When you are standing directly beside your house and you look up to where the roof line meets the side of your house, you will be looking at the soffit.  The soffit can either be vented or solid depending on how your attic is vented to the outside.  The vented soffit features aluminum panels with small holes that allow for air circulation into the eaves and attic space.  Air circulation is a highly important function as it removes moisture from the attic space that would eventually allow the development of mould growth and wood rot in the sheathing and roof trusses (rafters).


The fascia runs perpendicular to the ground.  It is the main board on which the eaves trough or rain gutter is mounted and is fixed directly to the roof trusses.   It usually does all the work of supporting the bottom row of shingles as well as carrying all the eaves trough.



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Soffit / Fascia / Eavestrough In Calgary