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Calgary Building Envelope

As an exterior renovation specialist, S.I.S. is a leader in the repair and modification of Calgary building envelopes (a.k.a. building enclosures) in the city. The building envelope is the physical separation medium between the interior and exterior components of a building. Essentially, it serves as a protective shell to help maintain the indoor environment (including conditioning and climate control systems). Calgary building envelope design, particularly as it applies to doors and windows, is a highly specialized area of architectural and engineering practice that S.I.S. excels at. Proper design is important to ensure structural integrity, energy efficiency, and comfort. All S.I.S Calgary building envelope products are Energy Star compliant. We are committed to meeting the highest standards for energy and efficiency in all of our exterior finishing and renovation products.

Calgary Condominium Restoration

S.I.S. prepares structural plans and specifications for Calgary condominium restoration projects, including the renovation, and maintenance of modern multi-story condominium buildings. We work closely with you throughout every phase of the project, tailoring our high-quality products and services to your specific needs, style, and budget. Our Calgary condominium restoration package can help modernize your condominium to be more energy efficient as well as being visually stunning.  We are experienced leaders in the construction industry and have a proven history of reliability for many building owners and managers. Every Calgary condominium restoration project we take on is focused on streamlining time and cost.

Calgary Exterior Finishing

S.I.S. is professionally equipped to meet all your Calgary exterior finishing needs. We offer a wide range of siding, windows, and doors in a large selection of shapes and styles that can be used to customize your home as you wish. Choose from a diverse collection of materials, finishes, and colors as well as window accessories such as jamb extensions, grilles, brickmolds, and glazing options. Our S.I.S. products specialists will discuss with you all of the available options for your unique renovation situation. We are the Calgary exterior finishing specialists with our goal being to ensure our customers are fully satisfied.
Founded in 1991, S.I.S. has built its solid reputation on customer satisfaction and quality workmanship. S.I.S. excels at exterior renovation projects for homes, condominiums and apartments, as well as light commercial, residential and custom framing projects including Energy Star windows and Energy Star doors. Call us today to book your free in-home estimate!