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Vinyl siding vs. James Harding Siding

Karen Steinmann - Wednesday, October 28, 2015

James Hardie® Siding also called Hardie Board siding is made of fiber-cement with ColorPlus® technology and known to weather all of the elements thrown at it. The rich wood grain finishes will give your home real lasting curb appeal and unsurpassed durability.  There are many benefits to choosing Hardie® Board to complete your exterior renovation.

Hardie Board siding vs. vinyl and wood composite siding:

1. Flame Resistance: James Hardie®siding is noncombustible and approved for fire-rated construction.  Vinyl, wood and wood composite siding will melt or burn when exposed to a significant source of heat or flame.  
2. Fade Resistance:  Hardie®Board has factory applied, baked on paint finish which provides up to 30% better fade resistance than other products.  
3. Weather Resistance:  Hardie®Board resists rotting, warping, cracking, hail and high winds up to 150 mph.  
4. Appearance: The Hardie®Board product is twice as thick as vinyl, and provides deeper shadow lines and a more natural wood grain texture. 
5. Pest Resistance:  James Hardie® siding is resistant to woodpeckers, termites and other pests known to cause damage to wood siding.

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The Benefits of James Hardie Siding

Karen Steinmann - Thursday, October 22, 2015

Are you considering re-siding your home?  Do you like the look of wood but don't have the time or energy to maintain it?  If so, you might consider James Hardie siding or Hardie Board siding as it is sometimes referred to. Wood siding makes a great first impression, but Hardie Board (also known as Hardie Plank) siding makes a great first impression and an impression that lasts.

Some of the attributes of James Hardie siding are as follows:

1.    James Hardie siding is non-combustible and approved for fire-rated construction.
2.    James Hardie siding resists rotting, warping, cracking, hail and high winds up to 150 mph.
3.    The exterior finish on Hardie Board is a baked on paint finish which provides up to 30% better fade resistance than competitive products.
4.    Hardie Board siding is resistant to woodpeckers and other pests that are known to cause damage to wood siding.
5.    Hardie Board siding is twice as thick as vinyl, providing deeper shadow lines and a more natural wood grain texture.

If you would like more information on some of the projects we have completed with Hardie Board siding or would like to schedule an appointment for an estimate, please click HERE, contact us at 403-640-1334 or e-mail directly at contact@sisltd.ca.  Visit our facebook page for more James Hardie project photos.  

How It's Made - James Hardie siding

Karen Steinmann - Tuesday, October 20, 2015

We often have customers ask us how James Hardie siding is made and what raw materials actually go into this product to make it so durable.  James Hardie siding is a fiber cement product made from silica sand, cement and wood pulp and is highly recommended for the Calgary and area siding markets.  Calgary, being geographically situated in hail alley, is prone to receiving sometimes devastating hail storms that cause excessive damage to siding, roofing and windows on residential homes.  Hardie Board siding is extremely tough and is resistant to hail damage, insects and is also non-combustible.  Compare this to vinyl siding which will crack or actually break when impacted by hail stones or other hard objects.  In this regard, Hardie Board siding is definitely superior to vinyl siding.  And for this reason, the James Hardie product has become extremely popular with Calgarians that wish to avoid having their siding replaced every time a hail storm passes through their community.

Are you familiar with the "How It's Made" series on Television?  Click the YouTube link below and watch how James Hardie siding is actually manufactured in the James Hardie factory.  You can see for yourself why this product is so resilient and suited to our Calgary climate. 

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S.I.S. is a James Hardie Preferred Contractor!

Karen Steinmann - Saturday, October 10, 2015

We are extremely excited to announce that we have recently been granted the "Preferred Contractor" status in the new 2015 James Hardie Contractor Alliance™ program!  In order to be granted this status, we have had to meet specific criteria stipulated by James Hardie Building Products Inc., including providing experienced and professionally trained installation crews and having an extremely high level of customer satisfaction (as determined by Guild Quality surveys).


James Hardie siding, otherwise called fiber cement or cement board, is increasingly popular with homeowners considering the undertaking of an exterior renovation on their home.  It is a low-maintenance, durable siding option and one that we recommend as being your best Calgary siding option.  James Hardie siding (also known as Hardiplank or Hardie board siding) is a permanent product that is both beautiful and affordable.  It is also specifically engineered for our northern Calgary climate with superior paint adhesion and moisture resistance as well as a drip edge to provide improved water management.

James Hardie siding resists warping, cracking, hail and high winds up to 240 km/h.  It is also a non-combustible, flame resistant material that is approved for fire-rated construction.  As well, it is insect and woodpecker resistant.  Its appearance can be made to mimic just about any other siding material, including wood lap boards, shingles, wood shake siding, and is currently available in 26 ColorPlus® Technology colors as well as 10 colors of Hardie Trim.

Also available is the HardiePanel® Vertical Siding in the following: smooth finish, stucco finish, Sierra 8" and Cedarmill.  The HardiePanel® can be used in various applications starting from the classic and stately "board and baton" style to the ultra contemporary combination with Easy Trim Reveals panel trims systems. Whatever your look, a combination of James Hardie low maintenance products can be combined to suit your style and taste.
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