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Government of Alberta - Energy Efficiency Rebates

Monday, August 15, 2011
Did you know that the Government of Alberta also offers an Energy Efficiency Rebate Program?  This program provides even more of an incentive to those of you who may be considering residing and insulating your home before the winter months hit.  (I know, I know - don't say the "w" word). 

There are two components to the Provincial Energy Grant.

1.    eEcoEnergy Retrofit Pre and Post Evaluations:

The cost for the Pre Retrofit Evaluation is $300.00 – The Government of Alberta will cover $100.00 of this.
The cost for the Post Retrofit Evaluation is $150.00 - The Government of Alberta will cover $100.00 of this after completion.

This means that the cost of your evaluations drop from $450.00 down to $250.00 after the rebate.

 2.    Exterior Wall Insulation:

The Government of Alberta also offers an Exterior Wall Insulation Grant in conjunction with the Federal ecoEnergy Retrofit Grant.  The Provincial grant matches up to 75% of the Federal Grant. 

A person could receive up to $1575.00 using R-3.8 – R-9 insulation covering 80% of the exterior walls between the Federal and Provincial grants.

Once a person applies for the Federal Grant, all of the information is automatically passed onto the Provincial Government and no extra paperwork or filling out forms is necessary.

Once again, don't delay if you are considering a full exterior renovation and planning to have your siding replaced and new insulation added!  This Provincial Grant Program may end at the end of March 2012 - although a date has not be specified at this point.

Contact us at 403-640-1334 for more details or simply click on the orange "Request a Quote" link above and enter your contact details.  In most instances we will contact you the same day.

Please see the attached Government of Alberta Rebate chart for more details:

Or visit www.climatechangecentral.com

To begin the registration process, click on the link below to receive your registation number:

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